Get me to Hispanicize 2012!

by Pattie Cordova
2012 is a year of change for me. I am expanding myself by blogging more, getting out there, grabbing more opportunities, and finally... jumping head first into becoming a professional blogger. But chicas... I need help. I need the expertise of everyone out there who already does this for a living. I need more information, guidance and support. This is why I need to get my butt to Hispanicize (full disclosure: I will also be dragging my infant with me).

Getting to Hispanicize means that I have planted myself in the middle of all other Latino/a bloggers and confirmed that this is the year of change and growth. I will use all the knowledge that I will gain to propel Living Mi Vida Loca into a higher status.

I realize that my numbers aren't astronomical like other Latina bloggers are... I also realize that I don't have the heavy blogging experience that others do... but this is precisely why I want to go to this great conference. I want to be up there with all the other mera meras!

So here I am, asking for a chance to let me show you what I got by getting a ticket to Hispanicize from Latina Mom Bloggers.

p.s. I solemnly promise to tweet, write blog posts, update status and share the knowledge that I gain throughout the conference. I also promise to put everything that I learn into action and use the contacts that I make to the full extent in order to bring about more goodness to my readers and to this blog.

p.p.s. I promise to keep my infant nice and clean so that y'all don't smell anything funky coming from him.

p.p.p.s. Yes... I will steep as low as to ask my four year old to *mildly* beg on my behalf:

This is my entry to win an All Access sponsorship to the Hispanicize 2012 blog conference!