Feature Friday: The Clorox Family of Toilet Introduces #CloroxLounge

by Pattie Cordova
It's early here in Orange County and I just got off The Clorox Lounge page and boy am I awake now. I just finished watching the clip where the gals have to sit in a bathroom stall and entertain unsuspecting visitors in the stall next to them. The girls are hilarious! My favorite one was the one that was trying to make the girl next to her pinky swear that she wouldn't share her patent pending "toilates".

Don't know what The Clorox Lounge is? Read on:

The Clorox Family of Toilet Products recently launched a fun new Web site celebrating one of the most-used and underrated rooms in our homes - the bathroom! The Clorox Lounge is turning the bathroom into the laughroom with a community hub designed to be a mom’s go-to place for comedy. Hosted by comedian, actress and mom Sherri Shepherd, the site found at TheCloroxLounge.com features hilarious anecdotes, fun contests, exciting give-a-ways, coupons and just the right amount of comic relief. An inspiration for an entire genre of comedy, the potty is often named as the number one place for moms to find a moment of quiet and a break from a busy day! Whether it’s potty training, cleaning wars, or simply rites of passage that come with kids growing-up, the bathroom is such a huge part of our lives.

It's funny that the bathroom is named as the number one place for moms to find a moment of quiet and break from our busy day because it seems that my son has missed the memo. I get ZERO privacy in our home, even in the restroom. For example, I'll be taking a shower, hoping to get a few minutes alone  - away from my two crazy kids - when next thing you know, my four year old will be opening the shower door only to hand me a toy that needs to be fixed. Yes! He doesn't see why I can't multi-task and fix his toy while I'm in the middle of washing my hair. Might I also add that he'll get upset if I get his toy wet? My kid is a total nut.

If you have five minutes, I recommend you take a break, grab a cup of coffee and watch the Last Comic Sitting Competition... just make sure not to spurt out any coffee on your computer.

Visit The Clorox Lounge to sign-up for the Last Comic Sitting Competition and Sweepstakes and be automatically entered for a chance to win the top prize - $10,000!

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